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Lowfeld Soul Food LLC

Boerewors Variety Pack (Traditional South African Farmers Sausage)

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Fresh boerewors (1 x lamb casing, 1 x hog casing, 1 x beef only lamb casing, 1 x sosatie lamb casing and 1 x sosaties hog casing). Sold in 5 x 1 lb vacuum-sealed bags to ensure freshness. 
    • Lamb casing is a thinner sausage, but the casing is little more tender than Hog casing.
  • Beef only comes in lamb casing only. This variant does not contain any pork at all.
  • Hog casing Sausage is a thicker sausage like we used to get in South Africa. 
Fresh, Curry Flavored Boerewors. Sold in 1 lb vacuum-sealed bags to ensure freshness.
  • Beef only comes in lamb casing only. This variant does not contain any pork at all.
  • Beef & Pork in Hog Casing

Salt, Spices & Spice Extracts, Dextrose, MSG (Flavour Enhancer),  Preservative [(Sodium Metabisulphite) (Sulphur Dioxide), Antioxidant (Sodium Erythorbate)


We are glad to announce one flat rate shipping for all our fresh products. Our new packaging makes it possible to ship products over a two-day period and still arrive frozen to your door. This means we have one price of $40 for shipping fresh meats like boerewors and all pies. Once the order ships,you cannot cancel it.

The 10lb beef only is a specially made order that may take slightly longer to make. We always try and ship within two weeks, but it may be a little longer as it is specially made and not kept in stock.



Only USDA certified meat sourced locally are used for all our products.


Shipping Terms & Conditions

We spent a lot of time ensuring our products are the highest quality. Biltong and droëwors are cured products that do not include any preservatives to provide the best quality and freshness. 

These products can last for extended periods in the fridge or refrigerator. However, in the North American climate, we experience more humid conditions that often cause these products to mold. 

Therefore, we recommend storing in a dry, cool location like a fridge. 

Lowfeld Soul Food cannot be held responsible for products that mold at customers' homes. 

Shipments are sometimes delivered to customers and left outside for extended periods. This will cause products to go bad. Lowfeld Soul Food cannot be held responsible for this. 

When orders ship, you will receive a tracking number. Use this number to track your shipment. Tracking your order is your responsibility.

If products arrive in moldy condition after three days of shipment, pictures should be taken and shared with us immediately. 


Shipping Cost

Fresh products must arrive at our customers' frozen or slightly thawed. We use specialized packaging that costs $7 per box, $15 for dry ice, and $20 and $40 per shipment. We cover all costs above $40.

We ship fresh products (boerewors, sausage rolls, and pies) on a 2-day shipment and cured meats like biltong and droëwors on three days shipment.


As shipping is relatively expensive, especially for fresh products, adding a couple of products makes sense. 

Where possible fresh and cured meats will be shipped together, but often it's not possible, and that is why you will pay an extra $10 if you purchase fresh and cured meats together. 


In order to provide the freshest biltong and droëwors, we make biltong and droëwors to order. For this reason, we ship orders within 2 weeks of ordering in most cases. We appreciate your patience, but as you know perfection cannot be rushed :)

We will ship your order on Monday, Tuesday, or occasionally on Wednesday to ensure delivery before the weekend. We use UPS or USPS depending upon your location and product. Overnight delivery can be provided on request. Contact us for an estimate of the additional cost. Be aware it is usually not possible to ship your order the same day it is received. If you like to have preferred shipping, please contact us to arrange.

Biltong and droëwors can last for up to 2 weeks in winter, but we prefer to get it to you in 5 business days in summer. Biltong and droëwors are packaged in a brown paper bag that allows the product to breathe and not sweat like when packaged in plastic bags.

You will receive UPS tracking information and delivery updates directly from UPS, so ensure your email address and phone numbers are entered correctly. If you have questions about your order or missing an item, please contact us by the next business day at

Lowfeld Soul Food makes every attempt to ensure your product arrives in good condition. Your fresh product order leaves our facility with dry ice. Unforeseen weather conditions and holidays can force exceptions to delivery. Below are important shipping notes to keep in mind when placing your order.

  • Lowfeld Soul Food is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses.
  • All products ship frozen and will arrive frozen, partially thawed, or chilled. Our products are packed to remain frozen for 2-3 days. 
  • Inclement weather and other unforeseen circumstances can cause shipments to be delayed. For this reason, we may hold shipment off to the following week if weather conditions are not ideal.
  • Lowfeld Soul Food does its best to avoid shipment delays but is not responsible for delays caused by adverse or unpredictable weather conditions.
  • UPS will leave your order at your door with no signature required. If UPS delivers but the package is stolen, you forget to put the meat directly in the refrigerator, freezer, or leave on vacation, and the product sits and spoils, we cannot be responsible.


Your fresh product is vacuum-sealed and frozen to preserve quality and provide a wholesome product. Depending on the season and the amount ordered, your products may arrive frozen, slightly thawed, or chilled. As long as the meat is cool to the touch (42 degrees F or below), you may cook or refreeze with confidence.


Cured meats like biltong and droëwors should be stored in a cool place or frozen to prevent them from drying out. Frozen biltong and droëwors will make it last for up to 12 months.

For fresh products, refrigerate or freeze your order upon arrival. Refrigerated vacuum sealed meat products will hold for one week if properly refrigerated at 34 degrees F or lower. Once the vacuum seal is broken, use the product within two to three days. If you freeze your product, set your freezer as cold as possible–preferably under zero degrees C for the best results. Up to six months is the standard storage time for frozen meats.



For best results, thaw in the sealed packaging overnight in your refrigerator. Leaving the meat in the original packaging during thawing preserves the flavor and natural juices. The meat can also be thawed in the original packaging in cold water. Keep the water cold by changing it every 30 minutes until the meat is thawed. We do not recommend using a microwave to defrost meat.