Heidi MacDonals: Grateful thanks for your exceptional service with my urgent order. My husband and I made biltong for many years whilst living in Zimbabwe. We always thought ours was the best. However, yours is the VERY BEST we've had in the USA and we're so thankful we found you. All your products are exceptional quality along with your great service. Many thanks John and Heidi Macdonald

Sharlene: 😂 We made a stop to pick up items we can’t get in Canada and after finishing our shop we just CRACKED open a bag!! Omgoodness me we think we have died and gone to heaven. That fat! The flavours! Devine. Happy to refer you to everyone who travels to USA or lives in USA. 🇨🇦

Anon Bruton: I just want to say I’ve been in America for about 23 years, and your product is the closest I’ve come to enjoying my home country snack set since I’ve been here. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! I was fortunate enough that my sister was able to have your products at her wedding recently and given 3 pounds of tasty snacks, which I can’t keep my hands out of, lol. As a South African, you strive to find a product that brings you closer to home and the flavors that remind you of great times in a place of wonder so far away. Well, you did it!! I can almost smell the cool dew in the air…again thank you!!!

Terry Bonee: If you like beef jerky or Slim Jims, you’re going to LOVE the biltong and droëwors from Lowfeld Soul Food. The flavor and freshness are unbeatable!! I highly recommend trying both!!” :blush:

Shelley Taylor: Thank you so much for such amazingly prompt service....WOW - your service is seriously out of this world as is your wors and biltong which arrived an hour ago, around dinner time....it's now ended up being my dinner....thanks so much Michael

Dalia Jacobs-Brandt: I have been living in the US for 37 years and have never found a company or individual who makes Biltong and Droëworse that tastes like home. Now I have and could not be happier. Lowfeld Soul Food is the best in the US and there is no other like it. The only problem is we can go through a pound in two days, not a bad problem to have. Thank you Lowfeld for the amazing taste of home and the best Biltong and Droëworse. So much appreciate the time you take to make it authentic. With a warm heart and a full belly.


Olaf Paulsen: I just received my boerewors and droeë wors. 

Bakgat broer. It’s so blerrie delicious. I had to throw a coil on the braai to try it. So baie smaaklik. Thank you so much. It’s by far the best Norris I have had since I emigrated in 1996. Well done. I will definitely order from you again.

Anneli Badenhorst : Ons wil net vir julle se hoe ongelooflik lekker julle biltong en droëwors is. Ons bly baie lankal in die land, en dit was die woonderlikste onderving om julle produkte te kry. Ons is "gehook"!!! Baie dankie julle, dit 

is so goed as om in SA te wees! Altwee ons kinders en gades het reeds ook by julle bestel en almal voel dieselfde!

Steven Udwin:
Good morning Mike
The order arrived
A have to tell you it’s the best biltong and droerwors that I have eaten since leaving joburg and that is a long time ago, and maybe even the best ever
The way you have packed it in brown paper is so amazing and original
Please keep up the good work.
I have placed another order. Best of luck , you should not need luck if the the quality of your products are like this

Francois Pieterse: 
Beste biltong en droewors wat ek nog in VSA gekoop het. Die biltong was presies soos die biltong wat ons in SA gekoop het in die 80’s en 90’s. Uitstekend
Stephen Gottlich, Overland Park Kansas
Just received the Biltong and Droe Wors, thank you, I am very impressed and happy with the quality and taste, you guys have nailed it!! Dankie. 
James Van Der Walt: 
Thank you for my amazing delivery today!
I haven’t tried the boerewors yet, but I have tried the droëwors! Oh my word! So amazing and so delicious! Absolutely perfect. Want to fly home to S.A. now. Thank you. Will definitely order more soon.
Baie dankie!
Eureka Hyman : 
If you are a first-time customer you most likely wonder how does Lowfeld-Soul-Food distribute it’s products? Let me share my experience with you. For the very first time last week, I decided to place an online order so I can share the shipping experience with you all… after placing my order I immediately received an order confirmation and tracking details via email. The products were shipped from Charleston on Tuesday afternoon this week and it was delivered in Charlotte NC 24 hours later, great service from Lowfeld-Soul-Foods and UPS, tx guy’s!

The shipping box is sturdy, well insulated including dry ice, the order confirmation was printed and placed at the top of the box, for viewing once been opened. With the extreme heat outside I was surprised to find solid frozen items inside the package. I order 1 x Biltong/Jerky and 8 x packets of sausage. At first, I thought the shipping is a bit pricey, but it is value for money… The shipping cost is a flat fee of $40 whether you buy one or more products, so why not fill up your box with more products and save yourself some money?
Valerie Herman : 
I just have to tell you this is the best biltong, dry wors that I've tasted since arriving in the USA 4 years ago. I bought from other suppliers, but wasn't happy with the taste. 
You guys have hit the nail on the head, it's delicious! Thank you. I shall be ordering again soon.
Thank you!
Carla Williams : I just wanted to let you guys know that this is some of the best dry wors I’ve had in a LONG time. I’ve been skeptical about ordering biltong online for a while but something about this store made all my hesitations go away and I confidently placed my order. You guys did not disappointed. I’m an au pair so I live with an American family, I gave a piece to one of my host kids to try and seem to have shot myself in the foot a bit. *My* stash has now become *our* stash. I have no problem with it as it makes me so proud to be able to share something so authentic and asty from my roots. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Cheryl Benecke :  I just received my box of goodies.  We couldn't wait to open it and try it. I am not exaggerating when I say this is the absolute best I've eaten.
I can only imagine how delicious the boerewors is, which will be my next order.
Thank you!!!!

Ian Rozow : Great biltong!!!!! Haven’t had it this good in a very long time. Will be reordering soon. First stick is already gone. Thank you!!!!

Elizabeth Cathrine Betsie : I tried so many and y’all’s are the best, so thankful I got to find you

Vickey Venter : The best biltong and  droewors 🙂

Sandor Jacobsen : Agreed best Biltong in the USA - and the bang for the buck is great too

Jaqueline Lara : Hi Michael Myburgh I am from South Africa my husband loves your droë wors , we have ordered from you a couple of times he usually places the order 😀 but I want to suprise him for valentines and orger him some droë wors I'd ther anyway you can do that for me ? My husband's name is Jonathan Lara  as I said I would like to suprise him with some for valentines 💝 day by the way he is a American who likes your droë wors so I think that speaks for itself

Justin Sleith : WOW!! Your biltong and droewors is PERFECT! I've tried a number of suppliers here in the States and yours is by far the best. As I live in Florida I keep the bags in the fridge and take out a little a time to eat .. I'm in heaven! :D

Matthew Smith : Just wanted to thank you for the best biltong I’ve ever had in America. I grew up in joburg and I’ve been in the USA for 12 years and I’ve tried every biltong supplier in this country and your sir are the real deal. Really fantastic authentic biltong just like my childhood butcher. I can’t thank you enough. The flavor and quality take me back home.

You have a new customer for life.

Nadia Cosset : I am so unbelievably happy with my droëwors order I received today from Lowfeld Soul Food ! The quality and QUANTITY is amazing 

 They have me as a customer for life !

Jeanthe Strydom : I have tried sooo many biltong here in the States and this was the first time the very first bite of droëwors immediately tasted like home.... so did the biltong.... Absolutely delicious and I highly recommend it!! Lowfeld Soul Food


Lisa Bunce Enslin : We agree! The droewors and the sausage are our favorites. They are outstanding!

Lara Lambert : The best! 

Marco Weinberg : Without a doubt the best biltong and droewors I’ve had in the US. These guys are the real deal.

Joel Goldberg : Just had my first taste of the biltong you sent and it is fantastic.   Thanks very much -definitely the most authentic I have had in the States.   I will tell lots of other ex-pats here in Houston about you.

Penny GoodwynI just ordered some biltong and droe wors and can honestly say it was the best I’ve found since I’ve been here. I give it 5 stars for sure!

Nadene RichterI can 100% vouch for the biltong Michael Myburgh makes! The best BY FAR!!!

Gabrielle Bridgewood Watson‎ to Lowfeld Soul Food: Just tried some of your boerewors and it is the best we have ever had outside of South Africa. Felt and smelt like were were having a braai at the other end of the world.Can't wait to order more.Lekker lekker 🇿🇦Well done!

David Linde : Hi MichaelI just wanted to let you know that your dried wors is every bit as good as the dried wors I used to buy from one of the best butcheries in Johannesburg.

Leeanne Mac Lachlan: I am so thrilled to have received my order today. Once again, you have hit the nail on the head with flavour, and just how I like it 👌I have spread the word far and wide about you!! I'm also hoping to do a road trip to SC for the November event 😊